It’s difficult to recommend cars since there are so many choices, and so many types of people and personalities who buy them. We all have different likes, dislikes, needs, and finances. If we were all the same, there would probably only be one car brand, in one model, and at one price.

There are many differences in cars. They are far from being the same. Although they all can get us from Point A to Point B well enough, that’s where the similarity ends. There are different types of vehicles to meet different needs: 4-door sedans, coupes, sports cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans, to name a few. There are differences in size, style, safety, riding comfort, reliability, performance, color, technology, and of course, price.

One of the most important things that automotive consumers can do now to make sure they select the best vehicle for their needs  is to do research online, on the Internet. It’s easy and free, so why not?

Buyers can find professional reviews and ratings, prices, specifications, and even discuss vehicle experiences with other owners. They can get expert advice on web sites such as this one, see pictures, explore colors, compare models, get fuel economy ratings, and find manufacturer incentives (see They can actually request dealer price quotes without first stepping into a dealer’s showroom.

Of course, online research is just a starting point. It should always be followed up by a visit to dealers’ showrooms for a close-up look and test drive of those vehicles that have made the short-list of choices.

If a buyer doesn’t have the time or motivation to do his own research, he can take advantage of the research and choices made by others.

If we look at a list of the vehicles that are currently selling the best, and we assume that most of those buyers have done good research, we can piggy-back on their work and follow their lead.

It’s hard to go wrong when you buy a vehicle that is tops on the list of most other buyers. That might not be the best strategy for people who want something a little different and don’t want to follow the herd. But they should try to understand why other buyers are liking the best sellers and look for those qualities in whatever alternative they might choose.

If we look at vehicle sales over the last 12 months, we find that many of the best selling vehicles are pickup trucks. In fact, the best selling vehicle (including cars) in the U.S. is the Ford F-150 truck. The Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram follow. Trucks serve as both business and personal which accounts for the large sales.

For those who don’t want or need a truck, the Toyota Camry is the top selling car, and has been for quite a few years. It takes fourth place after the before-mention three trucks. It’s success is due to the fact that it has one of the best combinations of all the features, characteristics, and value that most car buyers are looking for. It might not be the best in any one characteristic, but one of the best overall when everything is considered. The Honda Accord comes next and very close behind the Camry, for the same reasons.

These vehicles are followed in the list by the Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Toyota Corolla, Ford Escape, and Ford Fusion to round out the top ten best selling vehicles.

Of course everyone has different tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, and reasons for buying a car. In general, the best car is the one that meets requirements and has the best reliability, safety, styling, performance, driving comfort, and features for the price.


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