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Online car buyers exposed to common car scam by criminal sellers Users of online car buying sites such as¬†AutoTrader, Craigslist, online newspaper classified auto ads, and other non-dealer car sites often find unbelievable good deals, only to find it was no deal at all, but a common car seller scam. We often hear the question, […]

The most common car scam is one in which a nice car is listed for sale at a low price on,, or other web site. There is no hint, other than the low price, that it is a scam. They show you a couple of good pictures of the car and even provide […]

Car Scams by Individuals and Dealers Thousands of car sales and purchases take place every day in this country. Not all of them are legitimate and are outright scams. Here are some of the most common car scams today. The Online Car Seller Scam This scam starts with a potential buyer looking for cars for […]

Car buyers are being cheated every day by a common scam that is usually associated with Craigslist, as well as other online car-for-sale web sites. Craigslist even posts warnings on their site about it but many buyers are so focused on the “deal of a lifetime” they’ve found that they don’t read the warnings. It […]