most reliable car brandOne of the most frequent questions we hear from people who are buying a car is, “What is the most reliable car?” Or “What is the best new car?”

Obviously, these people are interested in getting the best, most dependable car for their money. They also realize that all car brands are not the same in terms of quality and reliability.

Fortunately for us as automotive consumers, Consumer Reports magazine puts out several car-related issues each year in which it publishes the results of vehicle reliability studies conducted with actual owners. The results are also posted on the company’s web site, which requires a subscription to view all the details.

In this years latest results, the Audi company came out on top . Subaru was ranked second, followed by  Lexus, Porsche, and BMW for the top five spots

Toyota, which has ranked in the top five in years past has slipped to the #8 position this year.  And Honda has fallen to the #10 spot.

Mazda, Buick, Toyota, Kia, and Honda round out the top ten brands.

Brands that are climbing in the rankings are Hyundai (#11), Mercedes-Benz (#14), and Volkswagen(#16).

It’s notable that Buick is the only American brand in the top 15.

At the low end of the list are Fiat (worst), Jeep, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Chrysler, Dodge, Cadillac, and GMC.

British brand Jaguar was not included in this years rankings but in years past has always shared a spot near or at the bottom of the list with its cousin, Land Rover.

As a reminder, if you are buying a used vehicle use these reliability ratings with a dose of common sense. Any car with lots of mileage, that has not been maintained properly, or has been in an accident can have serious and costly problems, regardless of the brand rating.

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