most reliable carsThe best selling cars are those that car buyers like best and buy most often. Given that most of those buyers do at least some research before they make a decision, they choose their cars wisely and make informed decisions. If other buyers don’t want to do the research and make their decisions based on what other buyers are choosing, that’s okay. They still end up getting great cars.

Although we will be talking about best-selling new cars here, the same cars are generally the best-selling used cars as well. Furthermore, we won’t talk about trucks, but suffice it to say that the Ford F150 pickup has been the best-selling vehicle of any type for years.

Before we present our list, let’s take a moment to discuss why some cars are super-popular and others not so much.

Generally, the best-selling cars are those that have the best combination of all the things that buyers are looking for — the optimal “package.” Smart buyers want good value, a reasonable price, quality construction, high reliability, good performance, a comfortable drive, adequate space for passengers and cargo, good styling, good fuel economy, modern features, an excellent safety rating, and maybe some luxury features. They also want a car that is reasonably inexpensive to insure, maintain, and repair.

You’ll see in our list below that the Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in the U.S., and has been consistently for many years. But the Camry is not the cheapest car out there, or the fastest, or the best looking, or the biggest, or the smallest. Neither does it get the best gas mileage.  It’s also not the most luxurious or the most comfortable to drive or even the safest. But…it has the best overall combination of all those things, better than all other cars — according to buyers who have voted with their checkbooks.

Here are the hottest and best-selling cars in the U.S. at this time. The position of cars high on the list can change slightly from month to month, but rarely by a significant amount.  Lower on the list, cars can come and go as new models are introduced, sales incentives are offered, advertising budgets change, or supply and demand fluctuates.

Top-Ten Best Selling Cars in 2013

1. Toyota Camry

2. Honda Accord

3. Nissan Altima

4. Ford Fusion

5. Chevrolet Malibu

6. Hyundai Sonata

7. Kia Optima

8. Chrysler 200

9. Dodge Avenger

10. Volkswagen Passat

Look for other cars to leave or enter the lower end of the list during the year. For example, watch for the Honda Civic, Honda CR-V,and Toyota Corolla to gain ground, while the Chevy Malibu and Hyundai Sonata could lose ground. Keep in mind that there is a very large difference between popularity of the top four cars on the list and the remaining six.

In summary, if you are looking for a new car, brand new or used, choosing one of the cars on our list, especially one of the top four, will reward you with the satisfaction that you have one of the best cars you could have bought.


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