Best Prices on New Cars – The Best Way

best car pricesOne of the best ways to get the best prices on new cars is to take advantage of monthly sales incentives such as rebates, bonus discounts, and special leases sponsored by car manufacturers through dealers (see Best Car Deals for details).

These special deals are almost always good deals, much better than customers could negotiate for themselves.

However, the catch is that those incentives are only good on selected vehicle models and styles, and only for a limited time.  If the particular brand, model, and style that you want is not one of those with incentives offers this month, you are back to square one — negotiating for deals the old fashion way.

A new company has come along that changes all that, and may change how we buy cars in the future.

TrueCar answers the question, “What should I pay for my car?” Even if you are a shrewd negotiator, you have to know your target price — a reasonable offer based on real information. You also would benefit by knowing what other people are paying for the same car, same model, same style that you want. With that knowledge, you will know the price you should be aiming at.

TrueCar tells you not only the MSRP sticker price for your car, but also the dealer’s invoice price and the average price that other people are paying in your area. They tell you what a good price, or a great price is. They provide all of this new car pricing information at both a national and local level – free of charge – so you can understand how cars are being priced and sold all around the country.

Knowing the prices paid by dealers and other people is a great idea in itself, but it’s not the best part about TrueCar. Founder Scott Painter thought several years ago, “Why is it so hard to buy a new car? Why not simplify the car buying process?” And then a true revolution was born.

In addition to the free car pricing information, also gives you  haggle-free, guaranteed price savings on brand new cars and trucks from local dealers in your area. It’s as easy as selecting the vehicle make and model, entering your local city zip code, and then reviewing the best local car prices against the car cost, average price paid, factory invoice price and MSRP.

TrueCar provides you these special deals from up to three dealers near you. You simply print your Guaranteed Savings Certificate and take it to your local car dealer to get, and purchase or lease the new vehicle of your choice at a significant savings off of the sticker price — and without all the usual hassle and haggling. It’s that simple.