Guide to buying a first car for teensFor teens and young adults, buying that first car can be an overwhelming experience. There just seems to be so much you need to know in order to make the right decision and not make huge mistakes.

It’s true that buying a car— any car — can seem a bit complex at first, but if you take the time to learn the basics and understand how the process works, you’ll be doing it right in no time.

At we take you through how to choose the right car, how to inspect a used car, how to know what to pay, whether to pay cash or buy with a loan,  how your credit affects your ability to get a loan, how to buy insurance and what insurance is required, and what happens if you have an accident.

Learn how to buy a car from an individual seller and what to watch for. How buying from a used car dealer works, and potential problems. Whether to buy new or used. What’s too much mileage.

We also discuss whether it’s better to buy or lease, how leasing works, and how to calculate car lease payments and costs.  Who should lease and who shouldn’t. Which cars are best to lease.

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