First Car Guide was founded and developed by Al Hearn, automotive consumer advocate, author, and web publisher. The web site is designed as a guide for first-time car buyers and others who want to learn the basics of car buying, financing, credit, leasing, insurance, and other automotive consumer topics.

In addition to First Car Guide, Al operates Car Lease Guide, Used Car Advisor, Best Car Deals, and several other popular consumer-targeted web sites. He also actively contributes to a number of online automotive consumer forums, discussion groups and answer boards, as well as answering emails from his web sites’ visitors.

Over a period of 15 years, he has compiled a list of common questions and car-buying topics that are most often of interest to novice car buyers, especially teenagers, who are just getting their first car. He shares his experience and provides expert advice and information here.

Hopefully, the site is easy to read and understand, and provides the help and information you were seeking.